Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Almost Ham Night or The Pirates 2nd Pre-Screening

Hello All!

Trust me the title of my blog post will make much more sense once you've seen the movie. I hope this post is finding you well and that you are ready for more David Tennant goodness. If you are sitting comfortably then we'll begin. ;-)

As many of you may already know a few weeks ago I was one of the lucky few to attend a second pre-screening of the new animated feature from Aardman Animations,Pirates Band of Misfits or as it is known across the pond, Pirates In An Adventure With Scientist.  I was quite thrilled to have a second go at the film as one never knows what changes to expect after a few months of audience feedback and production fine tuning. I can now happily report that you won't be disappointed! The film is still just as good as the first time I saw it and this time it was even more polished. The title sequence was almost, if not entirely completed and immediately set the tone for the entire film. Fun, silly and swashbuckling! I may have squee'd when David's name popped up on screen, but who could blame me really?

I didn't notice any changes to the film outright, which is good. However, I do seem to remember more of a musical sequence when the crew tucked in for Ham Night right at the beginning. For the record I believe this was streamlined and cut down a bit. I don't know for sure as it was several months ago when I viewed the first screening, but having really enjoyed that part I do believe some cutting took place. Nevertheless the story and scene seem to be pretty much the same. 

Now I would like to address a particular scene that I was asked about and which seems to have caused quite the controversy online. I'm referring to of course the Leprosy Scene, which I am told was removed from some trailers. For those wondering, that scene was still included in the version of the film that I recently saw. It's a very short scene and seemed positively received by the audience. No one seemed to pay it particular mind and I don't believe any audience members were offended or put off by it. Personally if it hadn't been for Twitter I would have never know there was an issue at all. I understand the concern some people have over it, but personally I don't think the writers or animators meant any disrespect. 

As for some of the new completed sections I did quite enjoy a delightful traveling sequence that takes place across a large map. The first time I viewed this section it was largely unfinished and to see it fully animated was quite a treat. It shows a bit more of Charles Darwin (voiced by David Tennant)and The Pirate Captain (voiced by Hugh Grant). **Warning Ladies** Expect some out of breath Tennant and heavy breathing. =P I would also like to remind everyone to pay particular attention to the music in the film. Many known popular songs are used, but pay special attention to the song playing whilst The Pirate Captain roams the city by himself. The melody and voice sound mournful, but the lyrics are hilarious. If you tune out and get carried away with the moment, you may miss it and that would be truly sad.
The film as a whole is basically the same film I saw the last time with a few exceptions I noticed and probably more I did not. The ending sequence with Charles Darwin and his Manservant seemed slightly different from what I originally recall. I don't want to spill the beans so to speak, but I don't remember his Manservant and Charles going separate ways. Suffice it to say there is a happy ending for everyone except the baddies. =)I know this cut of the film was shorter and I'm still not entirely sure how they did it, but the final product is sure to please. Furthermore I encourage everyone to sit through the end credits as Aardman keeps giving you little nuggets of story throughout.

I must say that Aardman Animations never disappoints and after viewing some behind the scene footage online, I have an even greater respect for the artist at Aardman. The animation is incredible in its detail and my mind is completely boggled by how much care and work goes into each and every shot. I can't wait for this film to open so I can see it again and I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts on it as well.

Til The Next Time,

Tiffany M.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits HD Trailer 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

10's Anniversary Regeneration Memories and Other Musings

January 1, 2012. I haven't been watching any TV this weekend because of real life festivities, but watching the end of 10 is one of the things that always hurts me the most. I'm gonna share something some of you may or may not know. 10 was not my first Doctor, that was 9, but he was MY Doctor. He made me love Doctor Who more than I ever thought I could. I'd been familiar w/DW for awhile, but had put off watching it mainly because I knew I would love it and I thought I didn't need to get into "another" series. Lol how right I was and how stupid not to watch sooner. DW became more important to me than any series or any fan girling I had ever done before, including my teen years. Ha ha. I never knew I could fall in love so completely with a show and/or character. It was television at it's best and what really good stories can be, a fantastic escape. Not escape from pain or tragedy obviously, because Who has tons of that, but it allows you to see the world through different eyes and relate in different ways. All I can really say is it was Brilliant! 
However, just as DW can throw you a curve ball, real life often does the same. Whilst watching most of the final 10 season I had real tragedy unfolding before my eyes as I watched a very dear, young and vibrant friend fight and eventually succumb to cancer. It was my first time experiencing this in someone close to my own age and I was devastated. I was angry and hurt and wanted to scream at the unfairness of it all. Of course I couldn't really do most of that in front of people so I tried to grieve privately and quietly. 

To escape for a bit, I indulged my love of 10 and Who. I put off the final episodes for as long as I could and finally when I could no longer wait I watched. I think I cried almost from the beginning. The meeting w/10 and Wilf broke my heart and throughout the episode I felt more and more chunks break off like splintering shards of glass. Except my heart wasn't cold and unfeeling like glass, it was hot, hurting and felt everything magnified! When I came to the realization that 10 was effectively going to be killed by radiation I was sobbing! My husband burst into the room to see what was wrong with me and I just looked at him and said, "Its like when Spock died." 

***Side note: I have one brother 11 years older and I grew up loving Star Trek mostly due to him. It's something we liked together and our little thing. Up until DW I would have said it was my favorite Sci-fi show. Whilst I still consider myself a Trek fan, I have become a far bigger Whovian and proudly so. =) Never the less ST still holds a special place in my heart.*** 

I apologize for the segue, but I felt you should know why I commented the way I did and what I meant by it. As a child Spock dying was huge to me. As an adult 10 dying eclipsed that entirely. However, to watch my hero go in relatively the same way as one of my childhood Favs was practically unbearable. Plus somewhere in the back of my mind was the still very recent memory of saying goodbye to my friend for the final time. I wasn't ready to say another goodbye even if it was only a character. 

Losing 10 felt as if I was losing someone I loved all over again. I truly felt like when my friend died. I don't mean this in any cheap sense. I realize DW is fiction, but 10 touched my heart so much that losing him hurt in a way I didn't know was possible to hurt. I think it's largely in part to David's great acting and RTD's brilliant writing, but truthfully as an actor myself I'm a big softy and I probably should acknowledge that fact as well. (If you are an actor reading this, I'm sure you understand what I mean.)

As I sat on my bed rocking myself whilst sobbing and shaking my head no, my husband (poor guy) sat down next to me and held me in his arms. I could tell he felt bad for me and was really upset that I was SO upset. Just when I thought I couldn't cry anymore I watched as 10 made his final goodbyes. That was just heart wrenching! Tears streamed down my face. The music was what really did it though (Damn you Murray Gold and your epic music!) and even though I know The Doctor "continues" on and the show was going forward, I realized it was an end of an era. My Doctor was gone and I was broken hearted. It felt like growing up,because to me that is what death feels like. It feels like growing up and growing older.

I also realised that 10's death was a lot like life. It's not fair. Try as you might, you can't hold onto everything or everyone forever. Life and moments are fleeting and endings are always sad. Goodbyes suck! Things move forward regardless if you want them to or not. People and loved ones are sometimes torn away in the blink of an eye and all we can do is hold onto each other as best as we can and treat one another as best as we can, so we can survive the really difficult times and continue the journey.

I've never been one who could say where I saw myself in 5 years or even the next year. Things move too fast and events are too unpredictable. I just try to live as much in the moment as I possibly can and I try to be the best person I can be. Life really is a journey and the companions we choose are what make it a great adventure. 10 and DW has taught me that and more. I'm ever so grateful to have made new friends along the way due to my love of DW and especially DT, my life is richer for it. Although, I miss my dear friend Melanie everyday, I try to use her memory to propel me forward and live the life she'd want me to have. It's her memory that helped push me into going to London this past year and meeting my greatest inspiration, Life's too short for what if's. It's her bravery, even now that pushes me to be fearless as I go forward into this new year and continue practising my craft and being me no matter what obstacles come my way. 

So thank you to all my friends and loved ones, both new and old for you truly help shape my life. Thank you for your kindness and support because it really does mean the world to me. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope it brings good things for us all and many more dreams coming to fruition.

 -TM =)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Pirates! Band of Misfits Pre-Screening Review

**possible spoilers** **nothing major**

One thing I have always enjoyed about really great animated films is clever writing. I like a good story yes, but I really want some witty humour that keeps not only my interest, but the interest of every child in attendance. I can happily say that Aardman Animations’ The Pirates! Band of Misfits filled the bill extremely well. Not only is this a fun family flick, but it has a fantastic cast including the brilliant and talented David Tennant! So fair warning there may be some squeeing and general adulation below ye scurvy mateys!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend one of the first pre-screenings (if not the first) of Pirates! Band of Misfits and can honestly say I will be paying for a ticket when it opens to the public. Attending this screening was an opportunity that literally popped up just a few days earlier and since bringing a child between the ages of 7-12 was a requirement, I very quickly enlisted my Godson and BFF to go with me.  Yes, I very well may have “borrowed” a kid I didn't know just to go, but since I happen to have a Godson that adores Pirates of any kind and is the correct age, I thought this was a sounder approach. ;-) An extra bonus was taking my extremely British bred BFF. She loves Aardman films and introduced me to the likes of Wallace and Gromit years ago. (She also doesn't mind me squeeing loudly when I hear or see David Tennant on screen or Telly). In retrospect she is partially to blame for my love of all things British. It’s because of her that I grew up observing many British customs and traditions. I blame her for my love of British food (haven’t met a sausage roll I didn't like) and it’s her fault I know about and observe things like Boxing Day (still a mystery to most Americans). My education was very thorough and part of my studies included Aardman films. =)

So with some lovely companions in tow, we made our way to the cinema bright and early on a Saturday morning. We arrived about an hour and a half before the advised time of 10:15am and I was glad we did as a queue had already started. Thankfully we were the 2nd group in line and had a good position to get a great seat upon entering the theater. Security was pretty typical for this type of event. Wristbands were handed out once you were confirmed as being on the “list”. No phones or cameras were allowed of course and all bags were checked. Once seated we then proceeded to wait for what seemed like an eternity. After a small speech on what to expect (film not quite being complete) we sat back to enjoy the film. Our audience seemed quite excited, especially the kids and I’m happy to report everyone cheered when the opening title sequence started. To my delight it was more completed than I had expected and included the stars names such as Hugh Grant, Jeremy Piven, Martin Freeman and DAVID TENNANT! Yes, I cheered loudly! If memory serves me correctly DT received 3rd or 4th billing. I recall that it was pretty close to the top. =)

The main story centers around a Pirate Captain aptly named Pirate Captain (voiced by Hugh Grant) and his band of sailors. Included in this bunch is his trustworthy first mate, Number Two and the ship’s mascot a very loveable parrot named Polly. We quickly discover that the Pirate Captain is planning to enter a contest for Pirate Captain of the Year. Of course this won’t be easy as there are several other Captains in the running who are all major forces to be reckoned with. However, the Pirate Captain has a crew who believes in him and is more than willing to go out onto the high seas and prove it to the world! Let the adventure begin!

Whilst on this piratey quest the Band of Pirates unexpectedly meets Charles Darwin, voiced by the multi-talented David Tennant. Charles is a lovesick scientist who is brilliant, clever and girlfriendless. However, he particularly fancy’s one very high profile lady. Desperate to be noticed by her, he searches for the next great scientific breakthrough which will endear him to his lady love. As fate would have it “Chuck’s” ship is boarded by The Pirate Captain and his life takes a very adventurous turn. Expect swashbuckling, sword-fighting, Pirate singing and Ham. That's all I'm saying.

Right, so let me take a few moments for some personal musings. First off hearing DT’s voice in the theater did to me what it always does…sets me off with a squee and a smile so big I resemble the Cheshire Cat. His character is so love sick and melancholy that you instantly want to hug him. Ok I understand that for most women with impeccable taste this is generally the case, but you get the idea. DT uses a proper English accent to voice Chuck, very reminiscent of John Smith from Human Nature/Family of Blood (for all you Doctor Who fans) and he really just breathes life into this character. One thing I always enjoy with David’s voice work is that he creates characters that you are immediately drawn to. Charles Darwin could have easily been played whiney and annoying, yet David makes him sweet and vulnerable. Chuck goes on quite a journey and makes some questionable choices along the way; so it was important to have an actor who could go from love sick boy to determined steeliness without going so far as to become unlikeable. Suffice it to say DT does this with incredible skill. I can well understand why Aardman cast him in the role. However, to be fair I must also give well deserved shout outs to Hugh Grant and Martin Freeman. Both gave great performances and created  memorable and fun characters. It’s definitely a strong cast boys and girls. Yea for us!

Now I don’t want to get too heavily into the plot or even what happens to Chuck because I really don’t want to ruin it for anyone. Let’s just say the writers have done a brilliant job of making you easily fall in love with and care about these characters. The story has a good heart and imparts some valuable messages. It’s completely chalk full of witty dialogue and banter that we have come to expect from quality animated films. I truly think both parents and kids will walk out satisfied. I mean who doesn’t like Pirates, right?

As for the animation all I can say is Wow! The people at Aardman do fantastic work and the texture and look of the ocean is enough to win an award alone in my opinion. I recall hearing DT say in an interview how the animators were the true stars of this film and I have to concur. When you realize what goes into the work and the sheer hours that are spent, it is truly amazing. The only thing I wasn’t pleased with was strictly design based and has nothing to do with the actual animation. It’s my own opinion and you may completely disagree with me upon seeing the film for yourselves, but I did not care for the look of Cutlass Liz (voiced by Selma Hayek). She is one of the few female pirate Captains and I believe we are supposed to think she is a hot, curvaceous girl pirate. Well she is curvaceous, but her looks were rather unflattering (face) and the character’s skin tone was very off in my opinion. She looked more yellowish than tanned. Perhaps this was intentional and I just didn’t get it, I really don’t know. Regardless this was just a personal observation on one character and not meant to detract from this truly wonderful piece of animated art. Overall I loved the entire film. Even the music was fun and perfectly suited to the story. I’m sure you’ll recognize at least some; if not all of the songs played. (Keep an ear out for a somber sounding song with quite hilarious lyrics).

The Pirates- Band of Misfits is sure to be a crowd pleaser. I can’t wait to see the polished product when it’s finally released. I’m so happy I was able to attend this screening. It enabled me to score cool Godmother points and I got to bask in the voice of David Tennant. As you can probably guess I would see any film for DT alone (because he is made of Awesome), but honestly this is a cool film. I highly recommend it and I’m sure if you squee loudly no one will mind all that much. I mean Pirates are rowdy and known to hoot and holler right? Arrrrgh!  =)

-Tiffany McQuay

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DILF's and Other Musings

Hello again!

Thank you all for your patience. So sorry it has taken so long to get this post out to you. Real life has been very hectic. However, I am back now and thought I would take the time to touch on recent events and topics. The biggest news DT fans have been discussing with some fervor is that of David Tennant becoming one of the hottest DILF's on the planet! Yup that's right peeps. DT has been blessed w/a wee baby girl named Olive or Olivia (depends what "press” reports you believe or follow). Since neither DT nor his fiancée Georgia Moffett tend to talk publicly about their personal lives it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Not to say that I blame them in the slightest. If positions were reversed I'd feel the same way. In fact I've always admired the way DT has managed to balance the media with his career. It's quite impressive when you think about it. I think this is something more people should attempt to do. (Insert random celebrity name you're tired of hearing about.)
It is a well known fact that DT won't discuss personal or private issues. Most interviewers tend to respect that fact or at the very least have the decency to backpedal very quickly. I'm always amused when someone does try to pin him down. Well to be fair surprised and horrified is probably more like it. It goes something like this: Idiot Interviewer asks personal question. I start slapping the palm of my hand against my forehead whilst shaking my head back and forth muttering something like, "Oh no! Why did you go there?! You know he won't answer you." From this point we are usually privy to that familiar awkward moment of silence, followed by that horrible feeling of dread that DT might actually walk away and end the interview! Let's make one thing clear. If anyone reading this ever gets to interview him, don't ask real personal questions. He won't answer! Period! If you are very lucky perhaps the man will answer questions off the record. Now that would be cooler than any "story." Frankly, any contact with DT would be pretty darn cool. Never the less I’m still amused by these debacles, because DT always sticks to his convictions and declines to answer in the most gracious way. I always want to shout out, “Good for You” and “Bravo!” In fact he is so skilled and so nice the interviewer always ends up looking like an ass for being so intrusive. Rightly so!

Now the reason I’m bringing all this up is because with DT’s new DILF status and several projects in need of promoting, one does wonder what to expect during the next few interviews. For those of you who may not be familiar with this pop slang term please allow me to enlighten you. DILF stands for Dad I'd Like to F**ck. (That’s right I said it. DILF. See? I said it again.) Work unfortunately doesn’t stop just because you have a life changing event. DT and Catherine Tate(Squee!)are scheduled to be on the Graham Norton Show April 15th (Check listings) Undoubtedly they will be plugging their upcoming show Much Ado About Nothing. However, I’m sure what everyone will be waiting to hear is what personal type questions GN brings up. As much as my nosy fan girl self wants all the dirt, I have to remind myself that ultimately it’s none of my business. Sure I’m curious about what is going on in his life, but I respect him too much to treat him like a zoo exhibit. The last thing I want to see is DT so put off he doesn’t want to give any interviews. That would be way worse. Plus his personal life is really nobody’s business, but his own. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.

Now I’ve been seeing all sorts of conversations going round Twitter, Forums, Facebook, you name it, concerning topics from DILF status to what is acceptable for online posting. I’m just going to touch on a bit of what I’ve been noticing. By now most of you have probably seen the pics of DT and his downright adorable daughter. One would think that this would be no big deal. We all knew pics would eventually surface sooner or later. Everyone has to go outside sometime and DT is one of the most normal celebs out there. Seeing him out with his child and fiancée is not surprising. What has been surprising is the select group of people who want to trash talk. I’ve heard that some people are no longer fans because he is now a dad. REALLY?! You’re not a fan because he became a father? Now that is just downright ridiculous. A fan doesn’t change allegiance if you will just because someone becomes a dad or gets married. If that was the case we wouldn’t have any celebrities. If your opinion can change so quickly, than you were probably not much of a “fan” to begin with. True fans like something weather it is fashionable to do so or not. They don’t care if your marital status changes or that you have 1 or 6 kids. Nothing can sway them. It’s like love. You can’t always explain why you love something, you just do. If someone can talk you out of a feeling than chances are it didn’t mean that much to you.

It saddens me that some people can drop their “love” of David because he is now a DILF. I guess I can sort of understand if perhaps his new status doesn’t “do it” for you in the same way anymore, but what doesn’t make sense is the complete 180 I’ve seen. I do not understand going from, “I’m such a big fan,” to “I’m so over him” and then trash talking. If you are no longer a fan fine, but why do you have to start saying mean spirited, hateful things? It’s just cruel, childish and in poor taste. Why put that negative energy out into the universe to begin with? The man hasn’t done anything to deserve it and I sincerely hope he ignores all the trash that floats out there from time to time. Perhaps we don’t all agree with the choices we see our favorite celebs make, but it’s not our life and it’s not our place to judge others. I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone doing it to me. I really do believe what goes around comes around and that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. That being said I think the majority of DT fans are happy to see the object of our fan girl hearts happy and living his life like any other normal person. Sure I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t get to be the one to marry DT and have his children (never mind the fact I’m already married, *looks over shoulder to see if Hubs heard that* nope safe!) so is everyone else, but c’mon we can all secretly (or not so secretly) dream. It’s fun to be a fan girl or fan boy. DT is one himself. We all have our crushes, but let’s remember to keep it in check and not turn into people we hate. Words are powerful and can hurt and injure people. Let's not be those people. For my fellow Whovians you can always just ask yourself WWTDD - What would the Doctor do? =)

Regarding the pictures floating around with DT and family, the question then becomes do we post them on our favorite fan sites or do we not? This is such a hard question. I know as a fan I really want to see them. However, I also know DT likes his privacy. I can’t in good conscience answer this dilemma for anybody. I’m no judge, nor would I want to be. Where do you draw the line? This could be debated for days. Personally I think if they are in good taste and not too intrusive or personal than it’s probably fine. You’ll have to be your own judge. I don’t endorse buying images from paparazzi or forwarding on trash. In the end if it’s not something you’re comfortable with you probably shouldn’t do it. So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. Let’s talk about really important things such as DT being a DILF!

All the current pictures of DT floating around show him looking like the world’s hottest father. Of course men holding babies are often considered “chick magnets”, but when DT does it you can practically hear the collective sigh of women worldwide. Maybe it’s our biological clock, maybe it’s the fact we can’t resist adorable, but DT and baby just makes me like him that much more! I understand this picture was removed, probably for privacy issues and I totally understand why, but I am secretly glad I got to see it. Simply for the Awwww factor. I’m sure many of you also saw the pics of DT “struggling” with the pram. This stirred up its own set of comments. I’ve seen all sorts, from innocent and sweet to downright rude. So what if he’s having an issue with the pram? He’s a new dad. Give him a break! Besides it’s freaking adorable! I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve witnessed new parents struggle with “baby stuff”. What cracks me up is when tabloids have to create headlines over perfectly normal occurrences that happen to people everyday. Let’s focus on more important topics. I’ll even help you out. How about “DT, HOTTEST FATHER EVER”, discuss! Now that is something I think we can all chat about for years to come.

All in all I’m very happy for DT and I hope he continues to prosper both personally and professionally. I also hope he gets some much deserved privacy from the press and paparazzi and that he continues to share with his fans information he wants to share. I truly respect his masterful way of balancing career with life and think we are all lucky to be fans of such a great role model. Besides not every man can be both sexy and a dad, thereby holding the new title of DILF. I am happy to say that DT wears the mantel of DILF proudly and with much distinction. If you don’t believe me look up pics of DT wearing leather trousers. Yeah uh huh… I rest my case.

Til Next Time,

Tiffany M. =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Update

Hi All!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for checking out my blog and also to let you know that I'll have a new post up in a few days. I haven't forgotten about my blog or any of you wonderful people. =) I've just been extremly busy. As some of you may know I'm an actor, but I also do other theater work as well. Currently I'm producing a show which has been taking a lot of my time, but with the show opening this weekend I'll soon have more time for blogging.(insert evil laugh here)

I know blogs can be quite full of drivel and I'm not saying mine is any different. However, I do take some care about what I write and don't believe in posting any quick thought that comes to mind just for the sake of posting. I use Twitter for that. Lol. So if you are so inclined stay tuned. My next post will be touching on DT and the media, DILF's (if you don't know what that is, you will soon), privacy, fandom and upcoming DT goodness.

Once again I can't necessarily promise breaking news or the winning lottery numbers (still working on that one). I'm just a fan girl trying to make my way in the world much like all of you. What I can promise is a bit of fun and my own unique perspective on things. I am open to suggestions for future topics so feel free to drop me any requests and I'll see what I can do. I make no promises, but I'll try my best. So thanks again and I'll talk to you soon! =)

Tiffany M.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Fright Night (part deux ) The DT Fangirl Editon SPOILERS!!

Welcome to the 2nd part of my two part Fright Night pre-screening review. On March 24, 2011 I was fortunate enough to attend the 1st pre-screening for DreamWorks remake of Fright Night. If you care to read about that you may do so at this link There you will find a more balanced review of my thoughts on the film. Now you may ask, “Why are there two different reviews?” Well the answer is quite simple; I realize that not everyone is going to want to read about David Tennant in tight leather pants. I have no idea who those people are, but I recognize their existence and wish them no ill. If you are one of those people I’d advise you to find another review/blog because that is definitely what I’m here to talk about.

Now let’s get down to business. The purpose of this review is to give DT fan girls a little of what they really want to know. Not about the plot, special effects or the acting. Lord knows you will get plenty of “normal” reviews when the movie opens. Besides I make no claim as a writer. I’m simply a fan girl myself. No, what fan girls the world ‘round want to know are the answers to such questions as, “How does David Tennant really look in those leather trousers?”, “What else does he wear?”, “What about the rock star hair?” Now this, this is something I can help you with.

Let’s start at the top of the film. There is a short setup scene that introduces the setting and gives you a little terror to wet your horror appetite. Then we get our first David Tennant sighting by way of a quick commercial for Peter Vincent’s act. This is airing on the television screen inside a family’s home. It’s a humorous spot because it’s so over the top and melodramatic. DT is wearing the famed leather trousers with matching leather coat (thud) and making overly dramatic gestures towards camera. It’s a great setup for the character and lasts about a minute at most. We then don’t get any DT for what seems like ages. Of course I’m willing to admit that this may have just been my fan girl impatience, but you can all judge for yourself when the film opens. When you are just about ready to give up hope we get a little teaser of DT via a home computer. This happens when the lead character, Charlie checks out Peter Vincent’s website. This is a short scene and not very crisp as it is being seen via the character. However, this is the scene that spurs Charlie to go visit Peter Vincent which is where we get some real DT screen time.

Disguised as press, Charlie sneaks his way into a rehearsal for Peter Vincent’s show. It’s what you would expect. Hot, vampire women surrounded by creepy-crawly fog, the typical. Suddenly there he is…. Peter Vincent (David Tennant). He says some drivel like,” back beast.” I’m not sure exactly as I was quickly blinded by the hotness before me. David Tennant in trousers so tight they looked like they were painted on with a brush. (Insert inappropriate brush or brush painter comment here) From what I recall from a previous DT interview he was sewn into them. I don’t know if he was just joking when he said that, but all I’m going to say is I didn’t see a zipper. Peter Vincent (PV) then walks forward all forceful and full of command. (Warning: Oxygen may be needed) He was wearing no shirt. Just tight, black leather trousers and a long flowing leather coat complete with dark leather boots. He looked great. In fact if you can think of a better description than Adonis-like please let me know. When he spoke it was with that lovely English voice we’ve come to know and love from Doctor Who. It was very reminiscent of the 10th Doctor, with slight differences of course. The main difference is that PV swears. He drops F-bombs and brags of conquests (raises hand to volunteer), drinks too much and swaggers much like drunken 10, but yet still a different character. I loved every moment of it! Every freaking moment! The hair was long and coifed, very Russell Brand. Think of DT’s famous skit for Comic Relief. You know the one. *clapping* “Oh risotto, risotto, risotto.” His face sported an “oh so evil” looking devil beard and his eyes were lined with jet black eye liner. (Remember that old warning about never fall in love with a bad boy? Well I defy you to resist when the bad boy looks like THIS!!)

Segue to the next scene of PV in his hotel room. It is here we see the true illusion of the character. PV and Charlie are discussing stuff to do with the story and saying words that matter to the overall movie. (Blah, blah, blah pan the camera toward DT!) Meanwhile PV starts to remove his “costume.” (Have defibrillator at the ready) First he takes off his coat and reveals that gorgeous bare chest. He looks like cut marble. Much like I expect sparkly vampires should look. Perfect! You can see a small scar on his abdomen (girls dig scars) and just the right amount of chest hair. Not too much, but just enough to be manly. Without his coat on you can also clearly see that the leather trousers are low, VERY low. It’s a pleasure to watch him coming and going. (Don’t do that, no, no really don’t, don’t go there. Ah well, I tried).

PV than swaggers to the bar, proceeds to make a drink and then removes his... wig! That’s right ladies it’s just a wig, but that’s OK because underneath is DT’s cute brown hair. As we DT fan girls know all too well the man doesn’t have bad hair days. They don’t exist. They just don’t. Before taking a seat he grabs his crotch whilst making some comment about leather not breathing, then sits down all lazily with one leg swung over the arm rest. It is here he proceeds to remove more of the illusion.

The next piece to go is his goatee and mustache. That’s fake too. He removes both, much to the audience and Charlie’s surprise. Then he removes his side burns! I must admit I was a little disappointed to see those go as they do so remind me of the Doctor, but I’m sure that was part of the joke. Now you may have or have not noticed from promo photos that he has an eyebrow piercing. Well that is a fake too! All that is left at this point besides shirtless, leather clad Tennant are neck tattoos. Those of course soon disappear as well, but who cares? He is still ½ naked in leather trousers!! LEATHER!!! (Right, I’m fine. I’m back now, so sorry.)

Our next costume change reveals PV in a black satin robe. To be honest I really don’t know if he was wearing anything underneath because I couldn’t quite tell. It didn’t really look like it, but if he was they must have been black. We still see his chest from time to time and are also treated to lots of leg. It was nice seeing black, satin clad Tennant. (Mmmnn…*shakes head* Must continue, must!)

Alright so let us jump ahead to the next PV/DT big transformation. The next time PV’s look changes is when we see him preparing to flee Vegas. This is probably the most subdued look in the film. He is wearing jeans and a t-shirt. No wig this time, just his regular brown hair looking fabulous. Considering DT loves his tees and there are plenty of photos showcasing that, I can’t really tell you anything you don’t already know or have seen. Just know that it looks even better on a large screen. (Fervently prays for Fright Night in IMAX)

The next to last PV look is what I like to describe as Matrix-esque. He is wearing black jeans, a really cool looking tight black tee shirt and a long Matrixy coat. He has all this cool looking vampire fighting gear and just looks…Thud! My very own husband thought he looked bad ass. And do you know why? Because that is EXACTLY how he looked, BAD ASS! To be more precise I believe my exact words were BAMF aka Bad Ass Mutha Fucka! To reference a classic video game/movie, he was ready to kick ass and chew bubble gum. He was all out of bubble gum. I’m not going to go into how he looked as he was fighting etc. because I’ve given away too much as it is, just know he gets a bit sweaty and a bit dirty. (drool)

The final look for the film was basically a clean all-black jean and tee combo. It’s for a quick scene at the end. Intuition tells me that this part of the movie may change as it was very quick and not necessarily a clean finish for the film. Remember this was just a screening and more editing may happen before it is released. It is my hope any editing that takes place will add more DT. Let’s make this clear. MORE!! Do not even think of removing any DT from this film. You may have to deal with fan girl uprisings en masse if this were to happen. There you have been warned editors! Do not blame me if things go awry. I was thoroughly pleased with the overall look and re-imagining of this character. Don’t get me wrong I loved Roddy McDowell in the original, but the new Peter Vincent is a totally different character. This one is every bit the showman and with David Tennant’s acting, one can’t help but be mesmerized. By his acting, not just his trousers, cheeky!

So there we have it girls and who knows maybe some boys too. =) Sure it was fun to watch DT on the big screen and lord knows he is gorgeous. Not many men can truly embody rock star and tight leather well, but DT can and no one does it quite like him. However, in all seriousness that is not the main reason why most of us are his fans. We are fans not only because the man is a talented actor, but because he is an all round great human being. He is pleasant and polite always taking time to be kind to fans and children. I’ve never heard a bad thing said about him and I doubt I ever will. So I’m very pleased to see him enjoying such success. I hope Fright Night brings more DT to screens worldwide.

Prior to discovering David Tennant I never would have considered myself as much of a fan girl. Living on the other side of the pond I wasn’t blessed with seeing him cross my television. It wasn’t until I got glimpses of Doctor Who (finally airing on BBC America) that I really noticed him. Sure I’d heard of Doctor Who, but I had never really been privy to seeing full episodes. Once I did, it wasn’t hard to see that Tennant could act! I quickly looked up his work and found Hamlet. Let’s just say that after watching that performance that was it, I became a full fledged fan. You see I’ve been raised in the theater. I’ve been acting since I was a child and I’ll admit it,  I’m kind of picky especially when it comes to Shakespeare. I’m not saying I’m an expert at anything, but like everyone I have an opinion. My opinion is that he is one of the greatest actors alive. His roles are always interesting and dynamic. I have the utmost respect for his work and skill. Personally he inspires me in my own work reminding me to always take chances and make dynamic choices. I think his charitable work serves as a reminder to us all to be kind and take care of each other. We get so wrapped up in unimportant things that it’s nice to be reminded of what really matters. If one man can do all that, then imagine what we can all do ourselves? I’ve met some really great people as a result of being a DT fan girl so if this is the result of fandom count me in. This review is for you all. =)

Now then, if you’ve made it this far, well done! I hope you’ve enjoyed my unorthodox fan girl review. Everything was meant to be in good fun. Yes, it’s always important to discuss good looking leather clad Scotsman, but I hope in the end you understand that good looks aren’t enough to sway legions of fans year after year, certainly not me. No, what makes DT so attractive is his beautiful heart and lovely soul. However, leather trousers never hurt anyone. Just saying... If you look up the definition to sexy in the dictionary you will find his picture. It’s true, it’s a fact. Go on than take a look. Come on. You know you want to. =P

-Tiffany McQuay

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Fright Night

When it comes to remakes you never quite know what you’re going to get in the end. This is especially true when the movie being remade is 80’s horror cult classic Fright Night.  How do you re-imagine a film already known for campy goodness for the audience of today? Simple! Give us a believable setting and top-notch actors. Throw in a fun story line, 3D effects and you might just have something.
Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a pre-screening of the new Fright Night starring Anton Yelchin, Colin Ferrell, David Tennant and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film.  I’m of course familiar with the original starring Chris Sarandon as Jerry the Vampire and Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent, Vampire Hunter. I have seen it several times through the years and still enjoy its campy goodness. However, this new version has a much bigger bite and the cast is… well let’s just say this isn’t your 80’s Fright Night.
This new Fright Night is set on the outskirts of the Las Vegas desert, outside and away from the glitz and lights of the well known Strip. Here we see a community full of empty homes just begging for a vampire to take up residence. It’s really a great concept when you think about it. Las Vegas is a 24hr city. People work all hours and unfortunately it’s the type of place where you can believe someone could just disappear inexplicably.  The main character of Charlie Brewster, played by Anton Chelchin (Star Trek - 2009; Charlie Bartlett - 2007) is just your average teen trying to make it through the day to day of high school. His single mother, played by Toni Collette (United States of Tara - 2009; Little Miss Sunshine – 2006), a local realtor has just sold the house next door to a very attractive looking Jerry, Colin Farrell (In Bruges - 2008; Miami Vice - 2006).  The only problem is that Jerry is a vampire and not the sparkly, friendly kind.
Other than the fact that Charlie’s mom is drooling over Jerry’s biceps, he doesn’t give this new resident much thought. That is until his former geeky BFF; Ed, played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass – 2010; Superbad - 2007) points out that people are disappearing and, oh yeah, Jerry? He’s a vampire. Charlie doesn’t want to believe, but it’s not too long before Ed himself is nowhere to be found and Charlie quickly has his own proof.  
The only one who Charlie can turn to for guidance is Las Vegas illusionist and reported vampire expert Peter Vincent, played by the delicious Scottish actor David Tennant. Tennant is probably best known as the former 10th Doctor in the very popular sci-fi program Doctor Who. Now I have to make a small disclaimer. I’m a huge David Tennant fan. I think he is brilliant! He is the main reason I wanted to see Fright Night. I’ve never been disappointed by his characters, which is why I always look forward to his work. He’s also very easy on the eyes. So forgive me for proceeding to enlighten those who may not be as familiar with his body of work. Unfortunately, in the States unless you are a “Whovian” or an avid fan of British film and television most Americans only know Tennant for playing Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (2005). This is a travesty since Tennant is a very accomplished award winning stage and film actor. He was the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet in 2009 causing the entire run to sell out within hours. If you weren’t lucky enough to see it, check out the DVD available online. He is considered to be the most popular Doctor Who ever, which is saying something for a TV show of almost 50 yrs and I doubt you would find a child alive in the UK who didn’t recognize him as The Doctor. He’s practically a national treasure. It’s that talent and magnetism that makes his portrayal as Peter Vincent a stand out performance.
In this updated version Vincent is a British, Chriss Angel/Russell Brand-esque illusionist and self proclaimed vampire expert.  He drinks too much, swears, wears black eyeliner, has a penchant for late night internet shopping and wears extremely tight leather pants. Knowing my audience as I do, I just want to say DT fans will not be disappointed and yes  you do get shirtless Tennant, a lot of shirtless Tennant I can promise you that. No one rocks “rock star” quite like Tennant. No one!  Seriously though, Tennant is fantastic and plays Vincent with great skill making what could be a very campy role into one of unpredictable fun. I’ve never yet been disappointed with Tennant’s work. His comic timing is spot on when needed and he gives great depth to what can easily be a two dimensional character. He effectively becomes the much needed mentor to Yelton’s Charlie. I was glued to the screen not quite knowing what he would do next.
Most enjoyable for me were the scenes between Yelchin, Farrell and Tennant. All three actors were a joy to watch on screen. Colin Ferrall was quite threatening and foreboding as Jerry, but to be fair I expected that. His vampire is mean and vindictive without a doubt. The vampires in Fright Night aren’t easily disposed of which makes them quite intimidating so there are some very exciting chase and escape scenes. I’d have to say the one character that I didn’t care for as much as I’d hoped for was Ed. He’s not the most likeable character at times and while he does provide some comic moments he seemed more a whiny teen that I didn’t miss when gone. 
For those concerned about the horror aspect, know that there is definitely some blood and gore going on in the film, but not too much. I think the majority of movie goers, even those who are squeamish will be able to handle it.
In the end the true hero is Charlie. The plot stays very close to the original changing a few things here and there, but I don’t think fans will be disappointed. The pacing in the beginning of the film seemed a little slow, but it eventually speeds up. The 3D effects while not finished (this was just a screening) were interesting in parts, but honestly I don’t think they were needed. Perhaps the final cut will justify the need for 3D, but I feel seeing this in 2D would be just as enjoyable. There are some fun action sequences and I really loved what they did with Jerry’s house. (No I’m not going to tell you).  The ending wrapped up a little too quickly, but as I said before this is a screening and a lot can change between now and August 19th, the reported release date per IMDB.
All in all I had a lot of fun viewing this film. The audience at the screening all seemed to love it. Everyone cheered and applauded at the end and there were smiles aplenty. No one seemed dissatisfied and I know I sure wasn’t disappointed. I recommend this to movie goers and fans alike. This was a fun movie! One more thing DT fans, just go. Leather trousers are NOT to be missed! =)
-Tiffany McQuay