Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DILF's and Other Musings

Hello again!

Thank you all for your patience. So sorry it has taken so long to get this post out to you. Real life has been very hectic. However, I am back now and thought I would take the time to touch on recent events and topics. The biggest news DT fans have been discussing with some fervor is that of David Tennant becoming one of the hottest DILF's on the planet! Yup that's right peeps. DT has been blessed w/a wee baby girl named Olive or Olivia (depends what "press” reports you believe or follow). Since neither DT nor his fiancée Georgia Moffett tend to talk publicly about their personal lives it's hard to tell fact from fiction. Not to say that I blame them in the slightest. If positions were reversed I'd feel the same way. In fact I've always admired the way DT has managed to balance the media with his career. It's quite impressive when you think about it. I think this is something more people should attempt to do. (Insert random celebrity name you're tired of hearing about.)
It is a well known fact that DT won't discuss personal or private issues. Most interviewers tend to respect that fact or at the very least have the decency to backpedal very quickly. I'm always amused when someone does try to pin him down. Well to be fair surprised and horrified is probably more like it. It goes something like this: Idiot Interviewer asks personal question. I start slapping the palm of my hand against my forehead whilst shaking my head back and forth muttering something like, "Oh no! Why did you go there?! You know he won't answer you." From this point we are usually privy to that familiar awkward moment of silence, followed by that horrible feeling of dread that DT might actually walk away and end the interview! Let's make one thing clear. If anyone reading this ever gets to interview him, don't ask real personal questions. He won't answer! Period! If you are very lucky perhaps the man will answer questions off the record. Now that would be cooler than any "story." Frankly, any contact with DT would be pretty darn cool. Never the less I’m still amused by these debacles, because DT always sticks to his convictions and declines to answer in the most gracious way. I always want to shout out, “Good for You” and “Bravo!” In fact he is so skilled and so nice the interviewer always ends up looking like an ass for being so intrusive. Rightly so!

Now the reason I’m bringing all this up is because with DT’s new DILF status and several projects in need of promoting, one does wonder what to expect during the next few interviews. For those of you who may not be familiar with this pop slang term please allow me to enlighten you. DILF stands for Dad I'd Like to F**ck. (That’s right I said it. DILF. See? I said it again.) Work unfortunately doesn’t stop just because you have a life changing event. DT and Catherine Tate(Squee!)are scheduled to be on the Graham Norton Show April 15th (Check listings) Undoubtedly they will be plugging their upcoming show Much Ado About Nothing. However, I’m sure what everyone will be waiting to hear is what personal type questions GN brings up. As much as my nosy fan girl self wants all the dirt, I have to remind myself that ultimately it’s none of my business. Sure I’m curious about what is going on in his life, but I respect him too much to treat him like a zoo exhibit. The last thing I want to see is DT so put off he doesn’t want to give any interviews. That would be way worse. Plus his personal life is really nobody’s business, but his own. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.

Now I’ve been seeing all sorts of conversations going round Twitter, Forums, Facebook, you name it, concerning topics from DILF status to what is acceptable for online posting. I’m just going to touch on a bit of what I’ve been noticing. By now most of you have probably seen the pics of DT and his downright adorable daughter. One would think that this would be no big deal. We all knew pics would eventually surface sooner or later. Everyone has to go outside sometime and DT is one of the most normal celebs out there. Seeing him out with his child and fiancée is not surprising. What has been surprising is the select group of people who want to trash talk. I’ve heard that some people are no longer fans because he is now a dad. REALLY?! You’re not a fan because he became a father? Now that is just downright ridiculous. A fan doesn’t change allegiance if you will just because someone becomes a dad or gets married. If that was the case we wouldn’t have any celebrities. If your opinion can change so quickly, than you were probably not much of a “fan” to begin with. True fans like something weather it is fashionable to do so or not. They don’t care if your marital status changes or that you have 1 or 6 kids. Nothing can sway them. It’s like love. You can’t always explain why you love something, you just do. If someone can talk you out of a feeling than chances are it didn’t mean that much to you.

It saddens me that some people can drop their “love” of David because he is now a DILF. I guess I can sort of understand if perhaps his new status doesn’t “do it” for you in the same way anymore, but what doesn’t make sense is the complete 180 I’ve seen. I do not understand going from, “I’m such a big fan,” to “I’m so over him” and then trash talking. If you are no longer a fan fine, but why do you have to start saying mean spirited, hateful things? It’s just cruel, childish and in poor taste. Why put that negative energy out into the universe to begin with? The man hasn’t done anything to deserve it and I sincerely hope he ignores all the trash that floats out there from time to time. Perhaps we don’t all agree with the choices we see our favorite celebs make, but it’s not our life and it’s not our place to judge others. I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone doing it to me. I really do believe what goes around comes around and that we should treat others as we wish to be treated. That being said I think the majority of DT fans are happy to see the object of our fan girl hearts happy and living his life like any other normal person. Sure I’m a bit disappointed that I don’t get to be the one to marry DT and have his children (never mind the fact I’m already married, *looks over shoulder to see if Hubs heard that* nope safe!) so is everyone else, but c’mon we can all secretly (or not so secretly) dream. It’s fun to be a fan girl or fan boy. DT is one himself. We all have our crushes, but let’s remember to keep it in check and not turn into people we hate. Words are powerful and can hurt and injure people. Let's not be those people. For my fellow Whovians you can always just ask yourself WWTDD - What would the Doctor do? =)

Regarding the pictures floating around with DT and family, the question then becomes do we post them on our favorite fan sites or do we not? This is such a hard question. I know as a fan I really want to see them. However, I also know DT likes his privacy. I can’t in good conscience answer this dilemma for anybody. I’m no judge, nor would I want to be. Where do you draw the line? This could be debated for days. Personally I think if they are in good taste and not too intrusive or personal than it’s probably fine. You’ll have to be your own judge. I don’t endorse buying images from paparazzi or forwarding on trash. In the end if it’s not something you’re comfortable with you probably shouldn’t do it. So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. Let’s talk about really important things such as DT being a DILF!

All the current pictures of DT floating around show him looking like the world’s hottest father. Of course men holding babies are often considered “chick magnets”, but when DT does it you can practically hear the collective sigh of women worldwide. Maybe it’s our biological clock, maybe it’s the fact we can’t resist adorable, but DT and baby just makes me like him that much more! I understand this picture was removed, probably for privacy issues and I totally understand why, but I am secretly glad I got to see it. Simply for the Awwww factor. I’m sure many of you also saw the pics of DT “struggling” with the pram. This stirred up its own set of comments. I’ve seen all sorts, from innocent and sweet to downright rude. So what if he’s having an issue with the pram? He’s a new dad. Give him a break! Besides it’s freaking adorable! I can’t tell you the numerous times I’ve witnessed new parents struggle with “baby stuff”. What cracks me up is when tabloids have to create headlines over perfectly normal occurrences that happen to people everyday. Let’s focus on more important topics. I’ll even help you out. How about “DT, HOTTEST FATHER EVER”, discuss! Now that is something I think we can all chat about for years to come.

All in all I’m very happy for DT and I hope he continues to prosper both personally and professionally. I also hope he gets some much deserved privacy from the press and paparazzi and that he continues to share with his fans information he wants to share. I truly respect his masterful way of balancing career with life and think we are all lucky to be fans of such a great role model. Besides not every man can be both sexy and a dad, thereby holding the new title of DILF. I am happy to say that DT wears the mantel of DILF proudly and with much distinction. If you don’t believe me look up pics of DT wearing leather trousers. Yeah uh huh… I rest my case.

Til Next Time,

Tiffany M. =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Update

Hi All!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for checking out my blog and also to let you know that I'll have a new post up in a few days. I haven't forgotten about my blog or any of you wonderful people. =) I've just been extremly busy. As some of you may know I'm an actor, but I also do other theater work as well. Currently I'm producing a show which has been taking a lot of my time, but with the show opening this weekend I'll soon have more time for blogging.(insert evil laugh here)

I know blogs can be quite full of drivel and I'm not saying mine is any different. However, I do take some care about what I write and don't believe in posting any quick thought that comes to mind just for the sake of posting. I use Twitter for that. Lol. So if you are so inclined stay tuned. My next post will be touching on DT and the media, DILF's (if you don't know what that is, you will soon), privacy, fandom and upcoming DT goodness.

Once again I can't necessarily promise breaking news or the winning lottery numbers (still working on that one). I'm just a fan girl trying to make my way in the world much like all of you. What I can promise is a bit of fun and my own unique perspective on things. I am open to suggestions for future topics so feel free to drop me any requests and I'll see what I can do. I make no promises, but I'll try my best. So thanks again and I'll talk to you soon! =)

Tiffany M.